The Kebab Company

  • D÷ner producer from Germany
  • High-quality d÷ner from Germany
  • Kebab manufacturer in Germany

Premium-quality, certified döner manufacture

We were the first döner production establishment to be certified in NRW. We continue to live up to this standard of quality by having our döner products and döner production processes continuously monitored by the Central Marketing Agency (CMA) and the German Agricultural Society (DLG).

Our döner skewers have been awarded gold medals by this globally recognised body a number of times and over the course of several years. We have developed our "secret" flavour of unmistakeable excellence. Well-balanced blends formulated in accordance with taste preferences give rise to the premium döner products for which we are known.

The addition of specially sourced spices and herbs yields the legendary A1 quality of Polat döner. Indulge in our products to your heart's content!

Commendations and certificates

Der Superior Taste Award des iTQi ist eine international anerkannte Auszeichnung, er bestätigt den hervorragenden Geschmack der ausgezeichneten Lebensmittel und Getränke durch die Verkostung der Jury des iTQi, bestehend aus 120 europäischen Chefköchen, Sommeliers und Getränk experten. Die Produkte werden blind nach genauen, sensorischen Analyseprozessen völlig neutral bewertet.